Neonatal Dentition: How To Treat Your Baby’s Unique Condition

In a very rare occurrence, babies are born with a partial or full set of teeth. This can be quite alarming to the mothers, who did not expect to nurse their children with teeth in the way. Babies with this many teeth often lose them before their first birthday, which often creates more questions for the parents who are already rattled by initial set of teeth. If your baby was born with teeth, here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about this rare situation.

What Is Normal Regarding Baby Teeth?

Babies have teeth below the surface of their gums before they are born. However, most babies do not have any teeth until they are at least six months old. In the case of your baby, and other babies like yours, their little chompers have burst through the gum line before they are born and they may have several teeth already before their first month after birth. While this can be quite unnerving to a nursing mother, your dentist can confirm whether or not these first teeth will fall out and new ones will take their places. A simple exam and sometimes an x-ray will show other teeth about to come in or more teeth that will push these extra baby teeth out of the way

What Should We Do About These Extra Teeth?

Until a dentist confirms or denies that they are extra teeth, treat them as you would any other set of teeth your child might have. Brush them after every feeding and before bed. If they fall out on their own within a couple of months, do not panic because your child will get a second set and possibly a third set if this initial set was a genetic abnormality.

Can We Have a Dentist Pull These Neonatal Teeth?

Yes, you could have a dentist pull the neonatal teeth, but the problem is that these might actually be your baby's first real set of teeth and then they would be toothless until their adult teeth come in. Until a dentist confirms just what this set of teeth really is, you will have to leave the teeth right where they are. If they are especially troubling during nursing because your baby is biting you, then you can switch to formula or pump your milk into bottles for feedings.

Meeting with a Family Dentist to Discuss Neonatal Dentition

It is uncommon to meet with a dentist regarding your child's teeth prior to three years of age, but your situation is unique; only one in two thousand babies are born with teeth. However, being a family dentist like Jeffrey S. Thaller DMD, he can help you by helping your baby keep his or her early teeth clean and healthy nonetheless.