Deciding Between Traditional Braces And The Invisalign System

Having a great smile is often the key to higher self esteem, and will promote confidence in both teens and adults. A straight smile will get you to smile more often, and you will appear happier to those around you. If you know that you have teeth that need straightening, two major choices are options: the invisalign system and traditional braces.

How Invisalign is Different than Traditional Braces

While traditional braces use a bracket on each tooth and a series of wires, the Invisalign system uses form fitted, see through trays that are removable. The advantages of the Invisalign system include:

  • Removable trays so that teeth are easy to clean
  • Food choices aren't restricted because you don't wear the tray while eating
  • The product is clear, and often goes unnoticed
  • No wires or brackets that cut into the sides of your mouth

Traditional Braces are Used for More Complex Orthodontic Problems

While the Invisalign product works great for minor orthodontic problems, issues such as a tooth that is too high or an overbite problem, are treated with traditional braces. The use of brackets and wires make traditional braces more versatile. The benefits of using traditional braces include:

  • Small adjustments are easy to make and don't require new trays
  • You won't lose your braces but can easily misplace Invisalign 
  • Extremely crooked teeth are still treatable

It is both a commitment of time and money when you decide that it is time to work with an orthodontist to straighten out your teeth. You will have to learn the intricacies of either system so that your teeth won't suffer. Keep in mind that with either system, good oral hygiene will continue to be crucial. Although you can take out the Invisalign trays when you eat, you will have to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly before putting the trays back in. 

To keep your teeth clean with traditional braces, you will have to take your time when you are brushing and flossing. You will still clean your teeth in much the same way as before braces, but flossing your teeth will take more time for you to get it done correctly.

Ultimately, the decision of the type of orthodontic treatment available to you will be up to your orthodontist. The more complicated the alignment of your overall teeth is, the more likely you will need to use traditional braces to fix the problem.