Beyond Oral Health: 5 Excellent Uses Of Your Dental Floss

Everyone knows the benefits of dental floss. However, most people aren't aware of just how many things dental use can be used for. Dental floss is more durable than people think, which makes it perfect for a variety of daily and household tasks. Here are five things you can use your dental floss for other than your oral hygiene:

1. Sew on Your Buttons

Believe it or not, dental floss is pretty strong. In fact, it's stronger than most thread you can buy. It is for that reason that you can use it to sew together thick materials or even a stubborn button on a shirt.

2. Unstick Cookies

Most people use non-stick pans or a non-stick spray when baking cookies. This helps to keep them from sticking, which makes them easy to remove from the tray. Unfortunately, when you don't use either of these – and sometimes when you do, your cookies stick. Rather than tearing up the bottom of the cookie trying to pry the cookie off with a spatula, use a piece of dental floss. You can slide it underneath the cookies to loosen them from the tray without severely damaging the bottom of the cookie. A spatula can then be used to pick up the cookie.

3. Remove Stickers

Whether it is an inspection sticker, oil change sticker, or kids' stickers, a piece of dental floss can help you remove them. Stickers are hard to get off, but the dental floss is able to slide directly behind the sticker to remove the adhesive backing. Since it will take a bit of prying, you may want to wear a pair of gloves to avoid cutting your fingers with the floss.

4. Control Your Garden

If you need to hold groups of plants or bamboo together so that they will grow close together, you can use dental floss to do so. Dental floss is also perfect for securing vines to a fence or trellis so that they don't get too out of hand in the garden.

5. Prepare Your Lunch

If you enjoy eating soft foods for lunch but hate to carry around a knife to cut the food into bite-size pieces, then you may want to simply consider carrying some dental floss with you. From cheeses and bananas to hard-boiled eggs and cake, dental floss can slice perfectly through your food for quick and easy eating.

As you can see, with dental floss at your side, you will not only have beautiful pearly whites and fresh breath but also a very handy resource for various tasks. To learn more about dentistry, visit Arrowhead Family Dentistry