Dental Crowns May Be A Good Option For Your Dental Condition

If you have a dental problem, the dentist may be able to correct it. There are many instances when a crown may be your best option for taking care of your dental needs. You can learn about the different conditions a crown may be used for in this article.

Broken tooth – If you have a broken tooth then it is at risk of decay. Also, a broken tooth can have sharp edges that can cause the inside of your mouth or your tongue to get cut. A broken tooth can also leave you with a smile that you aren't proud of.

A crown can be placed on the tooth to protect it from decay. It will also cover all the edges of the tooth so you no longer have to worry about it causing injury to the inside of your mouth. When a crown is designed, it will be made to look as if it were natural and give you back your nice looking smile.

Fractured tooth – If you have a fracture in one of your teeth then that tooth is extremely vulnerable to both decay and further damage. A tooth that's already fractured won't be able to take as much stress as a healthy tooth and it can break when you bite on something.

When you have a crown put on the fractured tooth it gives it a protective covering that protects it from plaque to help prevent a cavity and the eventual decaying of the tooth. The crown will also act as an added layer of strength for the fractured tooth underneath which will help keep it from breaking under the pressure of biting or chewing.

Discolored teeth – If you have a tooth condition that affects the color of your teeth, crowns may be your best option. Some dental conditions, such as enamel hypoplasia, can affect the thickness of your enamel and this also affects the color of your teeth. Whitening treatments won't work in these situations, but crowns can be used to cover your teeth and give you the whiter smile you will be happy with.

If you are going to have one or more crowns put on, then you want to discuss the different types of crowns available with a dentist (such as James Tritton DDS PC). You may have your choice between all metal crowns, metal crown with a porcelain coverings or CEREC crowns which are created from solid ceramic or resin.