Need Dental Crowns? Two Tips To Make Them More Affordable

Getting dental crowns is a great way to provide additional support for a damaged tooth, or to make your teeth appear straighter and more uniform.  However, the average price of some porcelain-fused-to-metal-crowns can range from $500 - $1500 per tooth.  If you have dental insurance, and your carrier deems crowns as cosmetic, you may not qualify to receive assistance with these fees.  Instead of thinking that dental crowns are out of your budget, use this information to learn more about how to get the crowns you need at an affordable price.

Sign Up For A Dental Discount Program

One measure you can take to drive down the costs of dental crowns is to enroll in a dental discount program.  These programs are alternatives to traditional dental insurance, and can pick up where your dental policy leaves off.

For example, a crown that may have cost you $1000 out-of-pocket can sometimes be discounted as much as 60 percent, which is quite substantial.  Pair this with the fact that many discount programs are either very inexpensive or even free, and you can see why it's a good idea to obtain a membership in one of these programs right away.

In addition to making dental procedures more affordable, you may be able to use your discount program membership to get prescription medications at a lower rate.  This is an extra benefit that makes the programs even more valuable.

Look Into Pro-Bono Dentistry

Another method you can use to make crowns more affordable is to look into getting the work done by a pro-bono or free dentist.  A number of dentists that are spread all across the country have united in order to stress the importance of quality dental care.  Because they recognize that some people may be limited by financial constraints, they offer their services for free to the public.

You can find the pro-bono dentists in your area by calling around to various clinics in your local community.  Pro-bono services may not be heavily advertised, so don't let a lack of marketing slow up your attempts to find a dentist who is willing to install your crown for free. 

Most dentists who do offer pro-bono services limit it to a particular day of the week or month, so be prepared to clear out your schedule so you can get the crowns you've been desiring.

Crowns don't have to be out of reach simply because you may not have a lot of money.  When you need a crown, keep these tips in mind so you can get them regardless of your budget.