3 Post Oral Procedure Musts

There are many different reasons to get oral surgery. There is no doubt that having teeth knocked out or even having wisdom teeth removed can cause a lot of pain. Luckily, the orthodontists and oral surgeons that are taking care of individuals now are very skilled and talented. Everyone's body reacts differently to surgery, but there are some after surgery steps that should be taken by everyone. This article will outline 3 things that every individual should do after having oral surgery. 

Dry Socket

One problem that many individuals have after having a tooth extraction is a dry socket. When a tooth is removed from the mouth, it leaves a hole in the bone. This hole has a blood clot that develops over it. That blood clot is extremely important because it acts as a protection to the underlying nerves. When an individual does anything that could potentially dissolve or dislodge the blood clot, such as sucking a straw, the hole can become infected. If not treated, dry socket can become extremely infected. Luckily dry socket is preventable. Be sure to maintain good oral hygiene after getting a tooth pulled. Good oral hygiene should involve brushing and flossing teeth, but be careful around the blood clot. Also be sure not to suck on a straw as it can suck the blood clot from its position.

Ice Ice Baby

After having oral surgery your mouth will most likely be inflamed. This is normal, but in order to reduce swelling, it is important to ice the area. Usually it is best to ice for twenty minutes, and then let your mouth rest for twenty minutes. This will help with pain, but it will also reduce the swelling tremendously. Be sure not to ice directly on the skin of your jaw or cheeks because this can hurt your skin tissue. Instead, be sure to insulate the ice and place it on top of the inflamed area. 

Eat and Drink

You are going to be in pain, and the last thing that you are going to want to do is eat or drink. This is common, but it is extremely important to get your body the nutrition that is needed. In order for your body to properly heal, it needs food and water. Water is especially important after a surgery as it allows for good circulation of blood and thus a faster recovery. Start out with liquids, but move to soft food once the pain has gone down.  

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