2 Benefits Provided By A Same-Day Crown

Crowns are a very beneficial dental procedure that is designed to rebuild and protect a tooth that has become so decayed or damaged that a simple filling cannot fix it. However, crowns procedures typically take several days or weeks to complete.

A same-day crown is an alternative to standard crown procedures wherein the entire process is completed in a single day because the dentist will be able to make the final crown for you while you wait. Listed below are two benefits provided by a same-day crown.

Less Discomfort During The Appointment

A big benefit of utilizing a same-day crown is that you will not be as uncomfortable while the dentist is getting an impression of your tooth. The reason for this is that the dentist will actually be able to map out and scan your teeth digitally in order to get the proper measurements for your crown. However, with a traditional crown, you will have to deal with the discomfort that comes with having to let the dentist use a mold to get an impression of your teeth, which can often be pretty messy and uncomfortable.

No Need For A Temporary Crown

One of the biggest benefits provided by a same-day crown is that you can cut down on a lot of the pain and discomfort that standard crown procedures provide simply because you will be cutting out the need to wear a temporary crown for a week or more. A temporary crown is typically applied to your tooth after your initial appointment in order to protect the tooth until the dentist receives the final crown from a dental lab. However, temporary crowns can often make the short time that you will have to wear them quite unpleasant due to their poor fit.

A poor-fitting temporary crown has a tendency to shift around on top of your tooth and cause the edges of the crown to dig into or scrape your gums, which can lead to bleeding and infection. In addition, a temporary crown will not create a perfect seal around your tooth, which can allow food or liquids to get underneath it and reach your nerves.

Speak with a local dentist today in order to make an appointment to take advantage of the many benefits provided by a same-day crown. Same-day crowns are a great option that will let you undergo a crown procedure that will let you avoid some of the pain and discomforts that you can experience with standard crowns. Click here to learn more about a pediatric dentist.