3 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

If you want to improve the look of your smile, is often wise to start with the appearance of your teeth. Yellow or otherwise discolored teeth can make your mouth look unhealthy and unattractive. Here are a few things that you can do to help keep your teeth looking their whitest.

Use a whitening toothpaste.

Whitening toothpaste usually uses slightly abrasive substances, such as titanium oxide, to help remove light staining from the teeth. Regular brushing with whitening toothpaste can help maintain the preferred color of your teeth.

Tartar is a hard, yellow substance that can cause the teeth to appear discolored by covering the white enamel surface. Some whitening toothpastes contain tartar-control agents, such as sodium pyrophosphate, which binds with calcium phosphate.Since calcium phosphate is not dissolvable, it is important for it to bind with something like sodium pyrophosphate to form a compound that can be rinsed from the mouth.

Rinse regularly with a hydrogen peroxide solution.

By combining hydrogen peroxide with an equal amount of water, you can form a whitening mouth rinse. The solution should be swished about the mouth for a few moments in the same manner that conventional mouthwash is used. It is best to use the peroxide solution after brushing so that the bleaching ability of the peroxide is able to make direct contact with the tooth enamel. Plaque and particles of food should have already been removed by the brushing.

Try an over-the-counter whitening kit.

There are over-the-counter whitening kits that include a peroxide-based whitening agent to improve the color of the teeth. Some of these kits contain the whitening product in a gel form. However, others can be painted onto the teeth like a varnish.

The whitening solution is left on the teeth for a period on a consistent basis. Solutions are often left on the teeth for ten, fifteen or thirty minutes per whitening session. In addition, some kits are designed to be used for a 30-day period. Others may be used for a week or two.

Whenever a whitening kit is used, it is important to strictly adhere to the included instructions. Deviations from the intended use of a whitening kit product can result in extreme dental sensitivity.

To learn more ways to keep your teeth their whitest, schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist like Russell M Morrell DMD in your area. They will help you find a good solution that is safe for you.