Bottled Water or Tap Water: Which Would Your Dentist Prefer You to Drink?

There are many debates over the health risks and benefits of bottled water versus tap. One of those debates is the risks or potential damage to your teeth, especially with flavored bottled water and through the use of bottles. Which type of water is better? Which one would your dentist prefer you to drink?

Fluoride in Tap Water

Dentists support the addition of fluoride in tap water. Fluoride is added to ensure strong and healthy teeth. The content of chemicals in tap water is heavily regulated by the U.S. Environment Protection Agency. Bottled water doesn't have the same regulations, and in many cases fluoride isn't added in. In fact, many minerals are removed, and this can lead to some problems with the teeth.

Chlorine is also added to tap water, but this is in a low and regulated amount. The bleach substance is used to kill bacteria, and this also helps to protect teeth.

Dentists don't want to drill into your teeth to fix cavities. They don't want to fix problems caused and instead want to educate you on how to protect your teeth from cavities.

Risk of Chipping with Bottles

Many people will drink straight from bottles rather than pouring their water into a cup or glass. This can lead to accidents with the teeth. People may not realize just how close the bottle is to their mouth and accidentally catch their teeth and gums.

Another problem is opening the bottles. People tend to use their teeth as tool, even though they know they shouldn't. The bottle caps can be put on so tightly that people use their teeth to get them open. This doesn't happen when it comes to tap water, as the hands can be used.

Added Sugars in Waters

Bottled water comes in various flavors. These are supposed to make the drink more satisfying and tasty, but this means more sugar is added to the drink. The sugar leads to tooth decay, and dentists will recommend that you stay away from this type of water as much as possible. Tap water has none of this sugar added. You can add some flavors, but they are usually natural, and by adding flavoring yourself, you have more control over the sugar content.

While bottled water is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, it isn't as highly regulated as tap water. Furthermore, fluoride isn't added to it to help support the teeth and bone structure in the mouth. Basically, your dentist would probably prefer you to drink tap water. To discuss the matter with a dentist, make an appointment with a dentistry such as Parker Family Dental