3 Reasons Root Canals With Teeth Fillings Can Improve Your Life

Healthy teeth are priceless, yet it can be hard to find time each day to properly care for teeth. You can choose to start taking proper care of your teeth today and prevent many common dental issues in the future. If you have a tooth that is already suffering from advanced decay, getting a root canal with a tooth filling may be your best option as you start over with your dental care. When you have a root canal, the damaged area of the tooth is removed, than a tooth filling replaces it and is sealed. Here are three reasons a root canal can enhance your oral health and your overall well-being.

Reason #1: Enjoy a Healthy, Natural Smile

If you choose a root canal, it can restore your healthy, natural smile. When tooth decay is advanced, you may start to be embarrassed to smile and show your teeth. If you choose to get a tooth extraction instead, you may struggle with your smile going forward because you will miss a tooth. That decision is irreversible. When you opt to get a root canal instead, you can enjoy the benefits of having a healthy, natural smile with your real tooth intact.

Reason #2: Appreciate Relief from Toothache and Other Symptoms

When your tooth decay gets so advanced that your dentist recommends a root canal for proper treatment, you're probably going to experience a toothache sooner rather than later. Other symptoms that may pop up with a toothache include fever, tenderness of the affected area, bad breath, difficulty chewing, swelling of the hums, and a foul taste in the mouth. A root canal can relieve the toothache and those other symptoms as well.

Reason #3: Experience Efficient Chewing Again

When you have advanced tooth decay, you can end up chewing on just one side of the mouth to avoid the pain that comes when food comes in contact with the infected tooth. If you are afraid of further decay or breaking the fragile tooth, that can cause even more careful chewing. That can take a lot of the fun out of eating. Root canal treatment can restore your dental health and empower you to efficiently chew your food.

Finally, keep in mind that you should talk to your dentist if you feel a root canal may be the right choice for you. Your dentist can explain the pros and cons in depth as they relate to your dental health. When you have advanced tooth decay, a root canal may very well be the best choice to restore your dental health and increase your quality of life. Contact a dental clinic, such as New Image Dental, for more information.