Dental Implants Are Not Immediate Solutions, But They Are Permanent Ones

Living with a gap in your mouth from a missing tooth is not good for your oral health, and it can also be bad for a person's self-esteem. Getting this tooth replaced is not hard to do, and there are several good options. The best option is choosing a dental implant. If you are interested in this, you should realize that getting a dental implant does not offer an immediate solution; however, it does offer a permanent solution.

Why Implants Are Not Immediate Solutions

You cannot typically visit a dentist and receive a complete dental implant all in one visit. In fact, it may take multiple visits and many months to complete the entire process.

The first stage in the process involves the preliminary work needed. Preliminary work is done to determine if you are a good candidate for an implant, and if there will be extra work needed before installing the implant. During this stage, a dentist will take a lot of x-rays. The purpose of the x-rays is to see the condition and size of your jawbone. If your jawbone is healthy, strong, and dense, the dentist might be able to insert the implant in it just the way the bone currently is.

If the bone is not as dense as it needs to be, the dentist may have to complete a bone graft procedure, which involves adding extra bone to the existing bone. After doing this, the dentist must give the bone time to heal and fuse, and this may take several months.

Once the bone is ready for the implant, the dentist can place the implant inside the jawbone, and there will be more waiting after this. The implant must fuse with the bone completely before the dental implant procedure is completed, and this too can take months.

The final stage of the process requires the dentist to insert a titanium post to the implant and then place a crown (artificial tooth) on the post. Once this is done, the process of getting a dental implant will be complete.

Why Implants Are Permanent Solutions

While it does take time to get a complete dental implant, you should realize that the implant you get will most likely last your entire lifetime. Implants are durable and require very little care. Dental implants usually just require the same care as you give your regular teeth each day. This includes brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing, and that is really all you will need to do to keep your implant healthy and strong.

One of the top benefits of choosing a dental implant is its ability to act like a normal tooth. The implant inserted in your jawbone is there to hold the tooth in place, and this implant emulates natural tooth roots. It holds the artificial tooth in place so securely that there is a very little chance that it will ever come loose. This means you will be able to use this tooth like any other tooth. You will be able to eat almost anything you want, without risking that it will come loose, and this is a huge benefit.

The other benefit is that it will look like a real tooth. No one will ever know that this tooth is not real, simply because it will blend in with your other teeth so well. This can boost your confidence and self-esteem, and that is one of the top reasons to get an implant to replace your missing tooth.

The process of getting a dental implant takes time, yet it offers a permanent solution to the problem. If you are interested in finding out more details about dental implants, schedule an appointment with a dental implant clinic today. For more information, you can also contact specialists such as Richard L. Myers, DDS.