Protect Your Teeth When Exercising

Most people know to protect their teeth by wearing a mouth guard when they are playing contact sports. However, there are many ways you can damage your teeth when you are doing a wide range of activities. Even chewing ice or using your teeth to open a simple plastic baggie can injure your teeth. When you are exercising, you may not realize that damage can be done to your teeth and they may even be at risk of injury. Here are some of the things you should know about keeping your teeth safe and healthy while you are working out:

Keep your mouth moist while you are exercising

It's important for you to sip on water while you are exercising. Not only will this prevent you from dehydrating in a way that can be detrimental to your health, but it will also prove to be helpful with regards to keeping your teeth healthy. When you have a dry mouth, plaque and bacteria that is on your teeth will sit there. When your mouth is moist, either by way of saliva production or drinking water, particles will be rinsed from your teeth. Also, it's good for the overall health of your gums to keep them moist like they are supposed to be. You don't want to drink a lot of water during exercise, or you can get a stomach ache, but small sips are important.

Don't clench your teeth

Some people subconsciously clench their teeth when they are doing a strenuous workout routine. However, clenching your teeth puts a lot of excessive pressure on them that can cause problems such as the development of fractures or chipping. This is why it's so important for you to make sure you pay attention to the way you are holding your mouth while you are working out and avoid clenching down on them.

Know when to wear a mouth guard

Just as with contact sports, there may also be times when you should consider wearing a mouth guard while you are working out. If there is any chance of your mouth getting hit or even of your teeth clanking down on each other, then a mouth guard can help prevent dental injuries from occurring. One example of a time when you may want to wear a mouth guard would be if you were going to be mountain biking on a very bumpy trail. You never know when your bike can go over a good bump and slam your top and bottom teeth together.

Contact an emergency dentist if an injury occurs.