Tips for Choosing the Right Toothpaste

Have you ever stood in the toothpaste aisle at the pharmacy and wondered which type of toothpaste is right for you? After all, there are usually dozens of different options you could choose from, and using the right type is important. If you would like to know which type the best for you is, follow these tips to help you decide.

Always ask your dentist

A good place to start with choosing the right toothpaste is at a family dentistry. You can ask the dentist directly which type he or she recommends. Your dentist might not give you a straight answer to this, but he or she may give you a few tips of what you should look for, and this advice is likely going to be based on your specific oral situation.

Choose an ADA-approved type

One of the things your dentist may tell you is that you should always choose a toothpaste that is approved through the American Dental Association (ADA). Any toothpaste that is approved by the ADA typically states this on the packaging. The ADA is the organization that oversees dentistry-related topics, and the ADA will only approve toothpaste types that meet the criteria they have in place.

Select one with fluoride

For a toothpaste to be ADA-approved, it must contain fluoride. Fluoride is a key ingredient found in many toothpaste types but not in all of them. When you expose your teeth to fluoride each day, you are offering your teeth a way to become stronger since fluoride is the only thing that strengthens enamel.

Base your decision on your teeth

The other important thing your dentist will probably tell you is that there is not one type of toothpaste that is right for everyone. Every person has unique dental and oral needs, and you should choose the type of toothpaste that would benefit you the most.

For example, people who struggle with sensitivity issues with their teeth can benefit from choosing a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth. People with sensitivity issues should steer clear of teeth-whitening toothpaste, as these types will only increase their teeth's sensitivity. For people who long for whiter teeth and do not have sensitivity issues, choosing a teeth-whitening toothpaste might be the best choice.

If you want to make sure you are using the right type of toothpaste, talk to your dentist. He or she can give you tips and advice about this subject.