Does Your Preschooler Have Multiple Cavities To Be Filled? 3 Tips To Work With Their Dentist To Restore Their Oral Health

Your child's primary teeth play an important role in helping them to speak, eat, and learn how to care for their oral health properly. Unfortunately, these baby teeth are also vulnerable to decay, and it is not uncommon to discover that a child has several cavities during a routine oral exam. Although there can be many different reasons for severe decay in your child's baby teeth, such as exposure to sugars in their milk bottles, the important thing to do now is get started on restoring their oral health.

Make Sure You Understand the Treatment Plan

After your child receives their exam at a pediatric dental clinic, their dentist will sit down with you to discuss any problems that are found along with the recommended treatments. For baby teeth with minor cavities, fillings may be the ideal treatment. However, severe decay in multiple teeth may require extractions. Take your time during this consultation to make sure that you understand each step of the plan and that your family can comply with the recommendations. For instance, you may need to speak up if you will struggle with making it to multiple visits or if you have concerns about what an extraction means for your child's smile. This allows your child's dentist to address potential issues now with solutions that help make treatment easier.

Ask About Pain Relief and Comfort Options

A children's dental care specialist understands that these early experiences shape how a child will view oral health care in the future. For this reason, they typically take great strides to keep children comfortable, and they depend upon parents to provide input regarding how to make this happen. Be sure to mention things such as your child's difficulty with sitting in one spot for too long or a gag reflex so that the dentist can plan for them. You may also have the option of choosing from pain relief strategies such as sedation or local anesthetics to fit your child's needs.

Discuss Future Maintenance Strategies

A child with multiple cavities is at risk for developing more in the future. Once your child's teeth are treated, they may need additional care such as fluoride treatments in the future. They may also need prosthetics placed to keep their other teeth from moving out of their proper spaces. If your child is old enough, their dentist can also show them how to brush and floss properly to remove plaque and tartar that lead to decay.

Finding out that your child has many cavities is upsetting, but the good news is that you have already taken the first step toward improving their oral health. By partnering with their dental specialist, you can stop further decay so that your child can look forward to happier visits to the dentist. For more information, visit websites like