Are You In Need Of Emergency Dental Care? Here’s What You Want To Know

A lot of the time, when you have a problem with a tooth, you will call to set up an appointment with your regular dentist, and it might be a couple of weeks before you are able to be seen. However, if you are dealing with a dental emergency, that kind of wait might not be something that you can deal with. You may need the assistance of an emergency dental clinic. To help you decide if you are dealing with a possible dental emergency, you will want to read through the following information.

You Can't Get Any Relief From The Pain

Mild tooth pain, oftentimes caused by cavities, can be treated with over-the-counter pain relief medication. If you have tried that, even tried a few different brands of medication, but you have found that it is barely helping with the pain, you might have a very serious dental problem that needs to be evaluated immediately. If you have a low tolerance for pain or if you are worried about the anxiety you might experience during the work done by the dentist, then you will want to ask about sedation dentistry.

You See Pus And You Are Fevered

If you have a tooth infection and that infection has been brewing for a while, it is imperative that you seek immediate dental treatment. This is especially important if you have developed a fever, as the infection could be getting into your blood stream. Many people have been hospitalized because of out of control tooth infections. Some have even died because the infection spread so far and for too long. This is why it is important for you to find a local emergency dental office that you can go to. You cannot afford the risk that would come from waiting a couple of weeks to be seen by your regular dentist.

You Knocked A Tooth Out

If you somehow knocked a tooth out of your mouth and it looks to still be intact, you will want to get right to the dentist. They might be able to put it back in your mouth. Immediately put the tooth in a cup of milk and go straight to a local emergency dental clinic. If they are not able to get your tooth to take hold in your mouth again, they can discuss other options, such as implants and bridges.

Should you find that you are dealing with any of the previously mentioned dental issues, you will want to find the nearest emergency dental clinic that takes walk-ins. You might have to pay out of pocket for the dental care you receive there, if your insurance won't cover it, but it is worth it when it is a true dental emergency. In some cases, your insurance may not even cover the sedation if that is something you need to get through the experience. Talk with your dentist about payment options for sedation for any work that you need to have done.