Why a Deep Cleaning Is Necessary to Reverse Gum Disease

Gum disease is a terrible condition to have, with symptoms that are quite debilitating when it reaches its more severe form. If your gums are hurting, bleeding, or causing other problems, chances are you have gum disease. Unfortunately, this condition isn't something that you should try to fight off on your own.

Here's why you need a deep cleaning in order to start the process of reversing your gum disease.

Tartar's Role in Gum Disease

Most people think that bacteria is responsible for gum disease. While this is true, it's not the only thing that can create or contribute to gum disease.

Tartar, the hardened form of plaque, also plays a role in gum disease. Not only does tartar cause gum disease, but it can prevent you from being able to recover from gum disease, even if it's just gingivitis.

Acting as a Bandage

When tartar develops on your gums, it creates a sort of tartar bandage over them. This prevents the gums from breathing, ejecting pus while fighting the infection, and generally receiving relief from inflammation and irritation. Unfortunately, tartar creates inflammation, so it can actually make gum disease worse.

Until tartar is removed, it's unlikely that your gum disease will be reversed. Unfortunately, tartar can't be removed at home. Once plaque turns into its hardened form of tartar, it's up to a dentist to get rid of it for you.

What to Expect After

Having your teeth cleaned will make a huge difference in fighting gum disease. Depending on the severity, your dentist may also take steps to repair your gums as issues like gum recession can develop as a result of gum disease.

After your teeth have been cleaned, you may initially notice some irritation on your gums. This is from having the tartar stripped away. Your gums may be sensitive for a while as a result.

The good news is, the process of getting your gum disease reversed has started. Now that your gums are free of tartar and the majority of the bacteria that was causing the gum disease in the first place, your gums can start to heal and recover.

Gum disease is something that should never be ignored, even if you think it's a mild variant of it. Getting help is an absolute necessity with gum disease, and simply avoiding the disease can potentially put your gums and teeth at risk.

Talk to a dentist like Thornley Dental and make an appointment to have your gums taken care of ASAP.