Why Is Water Great For Your Oral Health?

Water provides a wealth of health benefits for the body, but drinking water especially has a positive impact on your oral health. The following are some benefits of drinking adequate water and how it can have an impact on your teeth and oral health:

Strengthens Teeth

When you drink water, especially water fortified with fluoride, your teeth become stronger. Fluoride is a strengthening mineral that supports the enamel on teeth. When the tooth enamel is strong, your risk of decay and cavities decreases. The fluoride in your daily water helps keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Moistens Your Mouth

Your mouth should always be hydrated. Dry mouth is a condition that prevents the salivary glands from producing adequate saliva to support the mouth tissue. This is common when you are sick or if you smoke, but it can also become a chronic condition. When your mouth is too dry, your teeth are more likely to develop decay. You may also develop gingivitis and other forms of gum disease. Saliva is like a constant washing mechanism. The saliva helps remove sugar and bacteria from the teeth. When the saliva is not present, the bacteria and sugar remain on the teeth. Drinking water helps facilitate this process and helps prevent the onset of dry mouth. Drinking enough water also helps keep your breath fresh and clean.

Prevents Tooth Decay

For some, drinking water takes some effort. If you are a soda drinker or a person who enjoys other sweetened beverages, such as juice or sweetened iced tea, you have a higher chance of developing tooth decay. The excess sugar in these beverages can quickly deposit on the teeth and result in faster development of tooth decay. Drinking more water helps decrease the chance of tooth decay. As you begin to replace your sweetened drinks with more water, you will notice your need for sugar decrease. If you find drinking plain water hard at first, you can always add some elements to make it more palatable. Some fresh herbs or lemons are great additions to water. Fresh fruit, such as strawberries or blueberries are also great additions to water.

Try to get more water into your daily life. Drinking water helps you feel better, flushes out toxins, and ultimately has a positive impact on your health. As always, be sure to see a family dentist regularly to correct any potential oral health problems before they become too problematic.