4 Main Advantages Of Choosing To Install Dental Implants

Dentures, bridges, and implants are the three main options you have when it comes to replacing a missing tooth. Most people choose the first two options because they are simple and non-invasive. However, they have the potential to damage the adjacent teeth in the long run, which is why you should consider installing dental implants instead. Here are the four main advantages you should expect from the implantation procedure. 

They are Beautiful and Functional

The best tooth prosthetic gives you the perfect balance between restoring the beauty of your smile and the function of the tooth. Dental implants are your best bet when you want to fulfill the two functions. The titanium screw is typically attached to your jawbone, which creates a tooth as strong as the natural one. The dentist then adds an abutment and a crown. The resulting structure will comfortably restore beauty to your mouth while maintaining functionality. 

They Last a Lifetime

The dentist's goal when installing the implants is to get you replacements that will serve you a lifetime. Cases of the dental implant failing or needing a replacement are extremely rare. On the other hand, methods like getting dental bridges are temporary. Also, the nature of their installation leads to the weakening of the adjacent teeth, making them a less permanent solution for missing teeth. Implants are different because they anchor into the jaw. With proper care and maintenance, they will serve you a lifetime. 

The Other Teeth Stay Intact

The other benefit of using the dental implant is the ability to leave the other teeth intact. The only structure needed to support an implant are your bones. Once the titanium screw attaches to the bone, the implant becomes a standalone structure with the ability to support itself fully. Other methods will involve messing with the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth and have long-term implications. 

They Prevent Bone Loss

The loss of your bone density should worry you once you have lost a tooth. The bone typically regenerates when you keep putting pressure on it. When you allow the gap to remain empty, your bone mass will gradually disappear, leaving you with a weak bone structure. Your face might also collapse as a result.

You get countless benefits when you install dental implants to replace missing teeth. Speak to a dental service—such as Brandywine Dental Services Group—and find out if you qualify for the implants. They will restore the beauty and functionality of your teeth.