Can You Drink Alcohol Before Botox?

Botox treatment can be intimidating, especially for the first time. In fact, you may be tempted to have a drink or two before treatment, especially if you are concerned about needles.

Having a drink before you get certain treatments might make you feel better at first, but is this a good idea? Here's what you should know about Botox and alcohol.

What You Need to Know About the Risks

There are a few risks associated with drinking alcohol before Botox. These risks can impact the efficacy of your Botox treatments. This is not to say that having any alcohol in your system will ruin your results, but it is a good idea to be aware of the risks.

Alcohol Can Increase Bruising

First, alcohol can thin your blood, which can increase bruising and bleeding at the injection site. This is the same reason why you really shouldn't get a tattoo after you've been drinking, for instance.

If you are trying to hide your Botox injection site, you want to make sure that you avoid alcohol and other triggers for bruising. You can get great results in a subtle way, especially when you have minimal bruising.

Alcohol Can Increase Dehydration

Alcohol can cause dehydration, which can make you more susceptible to complications from the injection. These complications could include infection or inflammation.

So, instead of having a few drinks before treatment, load up on water. In fact, spend the few days before your injections drinking mostly water to ensure your skin is ready for treatment.

Alcohol Might Make the Process More Uncomfortable

Additionally, alcohol can make you feel dizzy and lightheaded, which isn't ideal when you're getting injections in your face. This could make the treatment more uncomfortable than it needs to be.

Remember: if you feel uncomfortable at all, talk to your provider first. They will ensure you are feeling better before proceeding with the injections.

Nervous About Botox? Talk to Your Provider Instead

If you're feeling nervous about getting Botox for the first time, that's perfectly normal. Many people feel this way before their first treatment.

Instead of having a drink, talk to your provider. They can help you understand the process and what you can expect. In fact, they may be able to provide you with a numbing agent to help make the treatment more comfortable.

Additionally, your provider can help you understand how to reduce your risk for bruising and swelling so that you get amazing results with very minimal pain or discomfort. Reach out to a service provider such as Koehn Dentistry & Aesthetics to find out more.