Dental Implants Help Hockey Players With Missing Teeth

Athletes competing in impact-heavy sports are at a high risk of dental problems. For example, hockey players are known for losing teeth, which can occur when a puck strikes their face or during a mid-game fight. Thankfully, a dental implant can help hockey players and other athletes retain a healthy smile that minimizes long-term dental issues.

The Benefits of Dental Implants for Hockey Players

High-quality dental implants screw directly into the jaw and attach to a replacement tooth that replaces the missing one. For hockey players, they're an excellent solution to damaged oral health and can keep their smile strong and healthy. There are a few benefits that stand out over other benefits, such as:

  • Stronger Overall Jaw Structure: Bridges can provide a healthy tooth replacement option but don't support a hockey player's jaw health. Implants do support the jaw by screwing directly into it. They fill the area vacated by the missing tooth and keep the jaw strong. In this way, they prevent further tooth loss by keeping the gums and jaw healthier.
  • Natural Style: Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants look very natural. For example, a hockey player missing multiple teeth in the front can replace them with implants that look as good as the original ones. That will restore their smile and provide the long-term support that they need to keep their oral health strong for years to come.
  • Longer-Lasting Design: Other tooth replacement methods are designed for more temporary replacement periods. Often, they may last only a few years before replacement. A hockey player on a tight budget may not have the money to get them replaced regularly in this way. Thankfully, implants can last for over a decade when properly maintained and protected.

Hockey players should talk to their dental insurance providers about their coverage options. Depending on their policy, they may not get protection for dental implants. While bridges may work well in some situations, implants provide the best support. As a result, they may want to work with their dentist on a payment plan to afford an implant. 

Taking Great Care of a Hockey Player's Teeth

No matter what position a hockey player prefers, they may miss one or more teeth. Working with a dental implant team can ensure their jaw isn't affected for years. Just as importantly, it can provide the high-quality support that they need to avoid more damage. Implants are often strong enough to withstand various blows and last for years when maintained properly. 

To learn more about dental implants, contact a professional dental service in your area.