Potential Treatment Options For Hyperdontia

Hyperdontia is a rare genetic condition that causes too many permanent teeth to grow in your mouth. These teeth can either break through the gums and crowd out the other teeth, or can remain under the surface and cause an abscess. In either case, hyperdontia can impair your chewing, speaking and/or your self esteem. Visit your dentist for a consultation and you will discover that there are a few different ways to correct your hyperdontia. You can even learn how you can add on other cosmetic dental procedures like teeth whitening at the same time.

Surgical Extraction

If the extra teeth are still under the gums, your dentist might refer you to an oral surgeon for a surgical extraction. This involves cutting a small slit in the gum above the tooth and pulling out the tooth and any associated materials before closing the gum back up.

Why can't you just leave the hidden teeth down there? Because they can still move and grow even when you can't see the teeth. If any of these hidden teeth are shifting in the wrong direction, this can exert pressure on existing healthy teeth and start pushing them out of line. This can then lead to bite problems such as a crossbite and make it harder for you to receive treatment for your hyperdontia.

Standard Extraction and Braces

If the problem teeth are all above the gumline, your dentist might opt for standard extraction – more commonly called pulling a tooth. After the extra teeth are removed, clear braces can be used to help move the remaining teeth into the formation they would've had without the crowding.

Clear braces come as a series of custom-fit trays that slowly shift your teeth back into place. You are able to remove the trays for eating, and while they aren't completely invisible, the trays are far less noticeable than metal braces. The dentist can also put teeth whitening solution into the trays if you want to take care of more than one cosmetic correction at a time.

Note that clear braces won't work to correct a bite that's wrong due to an incorrect position of the jawbone. If one half of your jaw is far out of line with the other half, then you might need to undergo jaw surgery to correct the problem before proceeding.

Make an appointment with a dentist like Willowdaile Family Dentistry as soon as possible to begin developing a treatment plan that will lessen your pain and discomfort while giving you an enviable straight smile.