Does Your Child Have Down Syndrome? 4 Dental Issues They May Have

Children with Down syndrome have more problems when it comes to their teeth and dental care due to physical and mental challenges. Below is some information about these problems so you can be prepared for them, and offer your child the best dental care that you can. Missing and Smaller Malformed Teeth Your child will likely have smaller teeth, and some of their teeth may never erupt. The roots on the teeth are typically shorter. Read More 

3 Dental Replacement Options For A Missing Tooth Next To A Dental Implant

Loss of a tooth usually leads to a dental replacement that will keep neighboring teeth from shifting into the gap, causing bite issues. But some of the replacement options require healthy, natural teeth on either side of the gap or a series of missing teeth around your mouth. If you only have one missing tooth and there's a dental implant on either or both sides, there are still some dental replacement options available. Read More 

Guidelines To Getting Dental Implant Surgery

Getting your teeth fixed means that you have to rely upon the health and service of capable dental professionals. In this regard, dental implants are one of the most important surgeries that you can get for your oral health, in that they replace your organic tooth with a false tooth, whenever the situation dictates it. With this in mind, you should consider some of the following information, in order to be sure that you can protect your oral health and get the absolute most out of it. Read More 

Three Important Facts About Your Tooth Enamel

It's a word you've probably read on the back of your toothpaste tube, heard your dentist say, and perhaps even muttered to friends when discussing your dental health: enamel. How much do you really know about the outermost layer of your teeth? Read on to learn some important facts about enamel that could impact the way you practice oral hygiene and dental care. Your enamel is naturally clear. Most people assume their enamel is white, because they see white when they look at their teeth. Read More 

Beyond Oral Health: 5 Excellent Uses Of Your Dental Floss

Everyone knows the benefits of dental floss. However, most people aren't aware of just how many things dental use can be used for. Dental floss is more durable than people think, which makes it perfect for a variety of daily and household tasks. Here are five things you can use your dental floss for other than your oral hygiene: 1. Sew on Your Buttons Believe it or not, dental floss is pretty strong. Read More